SunBloq founder Alexis Hood, for years has made it a priority to protect her face from harmful Sun Exposure and UV’s. Loving the outdoors and being an avid traveler she needed protection that didn’t  limit her. A woman that loves outdoor workouts at the park, hiking, running on the beach, bike riding, and especially paddle boarding! Living in Southern California those activities without protection can be so dangerous for your skin. Alexis, determined to find an outdoor enthusiasts solution to protecting her skin began designing The SunBloq UV Shield.

With the first prototype of the SunBloq UV Shield, Alexis was able to enjoy lounging by the pool, long days at the beach, playing tennis, and all of her other outdoor activities all while sporting her ultra comfortable, skin protecting UV Shield. 

As a self proclaimed perfectionist, Alexis’ close attention to detail has produced a visor unlike any on the market. The level of style, comfort, and protection is unmatched!

Crafted to Perfection 

From the adjustable plush band providing you with exceptional comforting and weightless feel, to the heat resistant hard lens. Alexis is proud to present you a product that she not only uses herself but highly recommends for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Enhance your life with the SunBloq UV Protection Shield, essential for  Post Facial Treatment, active outdoor lifestyle, and overall privacy!